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            registrasi gratis Piala Donya Nebus Points

            night's lantern
            pointed with piercèd lights, and breaks of rays.

                        .... gerard manley hopkins

            only when it is dark enough can you see the stars....          
                  ...martin luther king jr.          

            in the extension of solidarity with others is the first moment of understanding...
                    ...albert schweitzer

            lufe I lyken til a fyre þat sloken may na thyng...
                  ... richard rolle, c. 1330


                                     n*ightslant*   suppressed news

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            rnnightslanter*nternn * tslanternnightslant*ernn*ightslante


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            * ghtslanternnightslanternnightslanternnightslan*


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            john bart gerald and julie maas
            update: 23 april 2022